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This is a simple, convenient, and accurate test for screening your Vitamin D levels (both Vitamin D3 & Vitamin D2). This test you can do in the comfort of your own home.

In latitudes north of Atlanta, GA up to 87% of people are vitamin D deficient during the winter months.  Vitamin D deficiency is a real problem today and does not have obvious symptoms, but increases your risk for more serious diseases. Researchers and experts say maintaining sufficient levels of Vitamin D are important in protecting the body from a wide range of health concerns. With this innovative blood spot test, there is no more wasting time, gas and money traveling to a phlebotomist where they stick a painful needle in your arm to pull your blood – you can now take this simple test in the comfort of your home.

Blood spot testing of Vitamin D can help:

  • Identify vitamin D deficiency as a potential cause of health problems
  • Recommend the right dose of vitamin D as a supplement
  • Monitor your D levels during supplementation to ensure you have adequate levels without overdosing
  • Understand appropriate ways to safely increase sunlight exposure and modify your diet to include more vitamin D containing foods and/or supplements
  • Track treatment progress

Once the lab has received your dried blood spot sample in the laboratory, you will get your vitamin D test results back in about a week. As you continue to monitor your vitamin D levels, they will generate a “History” test report with your newest test result compared with previous tests. This will enable you to track changes associated with interventions that raise vitamin D levels, such as more sun exposure and vitamin D therapy. If you have further questions about vitamin D or blood spot testing, please schedule a consult with Dr. Douillard or talk with an other trained health care provider.

How The Test Works

  1. Your test will come with easy to follow instructions. Here is a general layout of how it works:
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Nick finger with the easy to use lancet.
  4. Place a drop on the blood spot card.
  5. Let card dry for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Mail in the sample.

Kit Contains: 1 test requisition form, 1 UPS pre-printed mailing label, 1 mailing bag, collection instructions, 1 alcohol prep pad, 1 sterile gauze sponge, 1 blood spot card, 1 adhesive latex-free bandage, 2 lancets

NOTE: This test is not available to New York state residents (unless you happen to be outside of NY state while taking your blood sample and it’s also postmarked out of state). This is due to licensing issues with the state of NY that will hopefully be resolved soon.

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