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Melatonin, Cortisol, Cortisone
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The Sleep Balance Profile by ZRT Laboratory is a melatonin and cortisol Dried Urine test that circumvents the disadvantages of serum, saliva, and 24-hour urine tests commonly used for testing these hormones. Urine is collected on filter strips at 4 time points throughout the day that are representative of the peaks and troughs of melatonin and cortisol production.

The advantage of the dried urine test is that the first urine void represents the 8 hours or so of overnight peak melatonin production, a time when melatonin should be high and cortisol low. Melatonin is measured as the sulfated conjugate of its primary metabolite, known as MT6s, which is extremely stable in urine that collects in the bladder overnight, and on the filter strips sampled from the first-morning void. The second urine sample, which is collected about 2 hours later, reflects the cortisol awakening response, when the melatonin should be falling rapidly from the first overnight level, and cortisol should be peaking. Urine is collected in the evening when melatonin and cortisol should both be low, and then again just before bed when the melatonin should be rising and cortisol at its nadir.

The test report includes graphs showing the diurnal MT6s, cortisol, and cortisone results at the actual test times, which is a unique feature of ZRT test reporting.

The Sleep Balance Profile will test for:

  • Melatonin (MT6s) x 4
  • Free Cortisol x 4
  • Free Cortisone x 4

Kit Contains: test Requisition, testing instructions, urine collection card(s) and sample bag, return packaging, prepaid return label

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