International Shipping

Our international shipping rates are calculated through DHL eCommerce.

Taxes and Duties

Most countries charge Duties & Taxes in addition to the shipping charges associated with your purchase. Depending on the shipping option that you select during checkout, you may have the opportunity to pre-pay these costs and guarantee that you will not pay more upon receipt of your package. If you decline to prepay these costs, we cannot guarantee the final amount you will be legally responsible to pay before receiving your package.

While we rarely have trouble getting our products through customs and have taken steps to ensure that customs concerns are addressed before a package leaves our warehouse, we occasionally still run into problems with packages being held up by customs. Please educate yourself on any possible prohibitions by contacting your local customs office and including that information in the order comments so we can ensure the smoothest delivery possible. All of our product ingredients are listed online or you can call or email us to verify any questionable ingredients.

All customs documentation is generated directly by DHL eCommerce and submitted electronically to the destination country. We have a legal obligation to accurately report all item values to DHL eCommerce and that all items being shipped have exchanged hands as the result of a monetary transaction between LifeSpa and the Importer of Record (you); do not ask us to falsify customs documents.

International Shipping Time

All international orders are shipped with a 1-3 business day processing time. Once shipped, packages may take anywhere from 3 – 14 business days to arrive once they leave our warehouse. 

Though this is rarely the case, international packages have sometimes been known to take longer than four weeks to arrive at their final destination, especially in remote locations. Please keep this in mind when choosing your shipping option during checkout. Shipping time may also be delayed due to packages being stopped at customs, holidays and bad weather (even in other areas of the world). 

Shipping Notice for Ireland

Due to recent and frequent issues with customs via parcels shipping to Ireland, we are requiring that customers pre-pay for customs at the time of placing their order. This does not guarantee delivery, and they may attempt to contact you for further payment. Please check your tracking information often after placing your order to see where your package is during the shipping cycle. You may need to contact your local post office once you see that the package is in your region. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Depending on the shipping option that you select during checkout, packages may take anywhere from 3 – 14 business days to arrive once they leave our warehouse. Your shipping option will also determine the availability of door-to-door tracking for your package.

What about international returns & refunds?

Our standard return policy applies to international orders and we cannot refund shipping charges due to unforeseen postal or customs delays. Return postage fees will be subtracted from any refunded package returned due to unpaid Duties & Taxes.