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Winter Grocery List (November-February)

When we adjust our diet and lifestyle to match the season, health promoting digestive microbes dramatically change. Winter microbes support balanced immunity, digestion, mood, energy, blood sugar, weight, sleep – and much more.

Winter is associated with the qualities of ‘Vata,’ which are cold, air, dry and light. To stay balanced, focus on food and activities that are warm, moist, heavy and oily.

Our Ayurvedic seasonal lists classify foods from around the world, as well as locally, according to the qualities needed to balance the extremes of that season.  Some of the foods on the Ayurvedic lists represent their original harvest times in their indigenous regions. Foods harvested today do not always represent the season that they were originally harvested.

Even if a food on the list is not harvested in one’s region during that season – or never grow in one’s region – their qualities are still balancing.  One can take it to the next level by eating locally, but this is not necessary to stay balanced. Many people appreciate the variety that the lists offer as eating locally in many climates would be too limiting for most modern palates.

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