Transformational Awareness Technique Meditation eCourse (online)


6 Meditations to Emotional Freedom

eCourse | 6 weeks

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The Transformational Awareness Technique (TAT) is a complete meditation method brought to you by Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP and compiled from over thirty years of meditation experience, both in personal practice and teaching.

Over the course of six weeks, learn a powerful series of non-denominational meditations appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, and designed to go beyond stress relief to creating real transformational change in your life.

There is no doubt that stress plays a hugely degenerative role in our modern fast-paced lives. The word “busy” has taken its post as a four-letter word and has become the norm.

A wealth of research now backs the long-standing Ayurvedic theory that stress is what ultimately breaks down the body, mind, and emotions.

Meditation has been studied and proven to be one of the most effective stress-relief techniques available. TAT seeks to go beyond relieving already-incurred stress, guiding us to change the very way we process stress in the moment, like water off a duck’s back, never internalizing it and sidestepping its damaging effects.

From this place of calm, we can enjoy every moment of our lives, experiencing them as active rather than busy, vibrant and dynamic rather than oppressively stressful.

TAT teaches you to become the eye of the hurricane, rather than perpetually feeling caught up in its winds. From this calm place, this eCourse teaches you how to take transformational action in your life, and be free of old behavioral traits that undermine your health, your success, and your joy.

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