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Six Tastes Spice– To make Ayurvedic cooking easier, LifeSpa has formulated a Six Tastes Spice Blend that you can to sprinkle on a prepared meal or use to make kitchari and other classic Ayurvedic dishes.

Our Six Tastes Spice Blend is balancing for all body types and all seasons. It delivers 10 unique spices that ensure that each Ayurvedic taste—pungent, bitter, sweet, astringent, salty, and sour—is represented in each meal.

Directions: Sprinkle on all meals

Ingredients: Cumin*, Turmeric*, Coriander*, Fennel*, Sea Salt, Cinnamon*,  Green Mango Powder*, Fenugreek*, Ginger*, Cayenne*;

*Certified Organic

Serving Size: 1/4 tsp (1g)

Servings per container: about 50

Store away from sunlight in a cool, dry place.

The 10 Spices in LifeSpa’s Six Tastes Blend

Spice: organic cumin
Tastes: pungent, bitter

Spice: organic coriander
Tastes: bitter, pungent, sweet

Spice: organic turmeric
Tastes: pungent, bitter, astringent

Spice: organic fennel
Tastes: sweet, pungent, bitter

Spice: sea salt
Taste: salty

Spice: organic cinnamon
Tastes: sweet, pungent, astringent

Spice: organic green mango
Tastes: sour, sweet

Spice: organic fenugreek
Tastes: pungent, bitter, astringent, sweet

Spice: organic ginger
Tastes: pungent, sweet

Spice: organic cayenne
Taste: pungent

General Disclaimer:

Packaged in a facility that also uses tree nuts, seeds, and dairy.

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