Short Home Cleanse

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6 Organic Kitchari Packets, 1 Jar of Organic Cultured Ghee, 3 Herbal Formulas

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What is the Short Home Cleanse?

Free eBook: The Short Home CleanseThe Short Home Cleanse is designed for those who would like a little taste of what our 14-day Colorado Ayurvedic Cleanse is like, and busy folks who don’t have the time for a longer cleanse. Detoxification is a natural and essential process that we go through every day, every month, and every year. In nature, there is an opportunity for detox with every season and even during each day, so don’t miss an opportunity to detox!

Our free Short Home Cleanse eBook will easily guide you through everything you need to know to successfully complete the 4-day cleanse.

Download the Free Short Home Cleanse eBook.

Daily Schedule

Each morning, you will drink increasing amounts of melted ghee and eat a simple non-fat diet to force fat metabolism. This allows the body to start burning off fat cells. Because fat is a stable, non-emergency fuel, you feel calm when you enter fat metabolism mode.

Molecules of emotion, fat-soluble toxins, and chemicals are stored in our fat cells. Some of the toxins stored in our fat cells are preservatives, dioxins, pollutants, pesticides, and other cancer-causing chemicals.

This cleanse will help you remove these toxins, reset your digestion, and get you back on track to vibrant health.

The ghee is the most important part of this cleanse, but you will also:

  • Take 3 Ayurvedic herbal formulas to open your detox pathways, facilitate a deeper detox, and improve digestion.
  • Eat a non-fat diet of kitchari, a special blend of split yellow mung dahl, white basmati rice, and spices. Your goal is to eat three meals per day without snacking.
  • Engage in specific hydration protocols and stress-relieving practices.
  • Have a gentle laxative therapy to help remove the toxins that the ghee and non-fat diet have loosened from your cells.


“Your short liver cleanse is just a real gem.
Upon seeing some of Dr. Valter Longo’s research on the fasting-mimicking diet, this idea of having a five-day stint in which you’re eating about 40-50% of your normal daily calorie intake on a quarterly basis—very similar to your idea of doing a seasonal cleanse: the improvements in cellular autophagy and the increase in longevity that he’s noted in his research sparked my motivation to do a kind of a quarterly cleanse—a quarterly caloric restriction habit—versus a strict five-day water fast and the way I’ve been achieving that is via your [Short Home Cleanse].
I make myself up a nice big batch of kitchari stew and I have my ghee every morning, I drink a big glass of celery juice with my stew. (I’m friends with Dr. William Davis who has a recipe for a fantastic el routerie probiotic yogurt and I put a dollop of that on the stew.) I’m happy as a clam having that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for five days at the beginning of each season and, man, it just works like a charm.
I do a lot of self-quantification; I do a lot of blood, urine, stool, and saliva testing and every time I do that [Short Home Cleanse], my liver enzymes just magically respond: they plummet. I digest food better and I feel as though my bile flow just becomes significantly increased. Thank you for producing that helpful little PDF—it’s quite nice to be able to work that in every quarter!”
– Ben Greenfield

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