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Short Home Cleanse – cleanse products bundle

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Organic Kitchari Packets (recommended qty: 6 packets)

This is the normal meal option for a Short Home Cleanse kit. Kitchari packets are a mix of basmati rice, split yellow mung dahl, and a spice mix. The spice mix is sealed separately can be be used or not used at your discretion throughout the cleanse. Some people prefer to try different spice mixes throughout the cleanse for some variety. Each packet is roughly 1-3 servings during the cleanse.

Organic Mung Dahl Beans 1lb (recommended qty: 2 packets)

These bags are great for people who would like to cook kitchari with their own rice and spice mixes. Typically, this is the best choice for those who cannot tolerate rice or starches well and would like to substitute a grain that works better for them, like quinoa. Each bag is roughly 10 servings.


Used in Simply Herbs SHC Kit – composite kit