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Hang this laminated mini poster in your bathroom for daily reference, such as on your mirror, the wall or in your medicine cabinet. It lists the requirements for a perfect stool, signs of general imbalance, and descriptions of normal and imbalanced stools for each body type.

You don’t need to memorize the 46 different types of stools, as the Perfect Poop Chart lists what is considered normal and what is considered a sign of an imbalance.

(8.4″ x 11″, letter size)

Some say a classic sign of old age is when we start talking about our poo. I see this as a sign of developing more wisdom with age.

A detailed analysis of one’s bowel movement was a diagnostic technique used for thousands of years to determine one’s health status!

A few years ago, one of my patients shared with me that her doctor told her that moving her bowels once every five days, as she was, was “normal.”

In my practice, I’ve found that many are unclear as to what a “normal” bowel movement is, but the overwhelming majority just don’t pay attention.

Almost every traditional system of medicine, even western medicine, has a method of evaluating health based on an inspection of one’s bowel movements. According to Ayurveda, the color, shape, size, frequency, odor, and consistency has much to tell about what’s working or not working upstream in the digestive and detoxification systems.

You can learn a lot about the health of your body by taking a quick peek at your poo before you flush.

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