Herbal Supplements (6-Step Kit) Bundle

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Step 1: Manjistha to Support Lymph and Liver

LifeSpa Whole Herbs™

Powerful Lymphatic Support*

400mg | 90 caps

Step 2: Brahmi Brain to Support the Brain and Gut

LifeSpa Whole Herbs™

Brain, Lymph, & Skin Health*

500mg | 90 caps

Step 3: Neem Plus to Support the Skin and Microbiome

LifeSpa Whole Herbs™

Immunity, Skin & Gut Health*

500mg | 90 caps

Step 4: Lymph-Vein HP to Support Micro-Circulation

LifeSpa HP™

Natural Support for Healthy Veins and Microcirculation*

60 caps

Step 5: Lymph Cleanse to Boost Lymph Scrubbing and Target Lymph Flow

LifeSpa HP™

Flush Your Lymphatic System*
406mg | 1oz

Step 6: Lymphatic Massage Oil to Support Mood and Lymph Movement

99% Organic Blend of Ayurvedic Herbs & Oils
4 fl oz