Enhance Your Cleanse (SHC)

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Add Whey Pure Protein Powder if you are vegetarian or struggle with protein intake

Some cleansers struggle with getting enough protein while cleansing to maintain stable blood sugar. Whey Pure is an undenatured contaminant-free whey protein powder that can help stabilize your cleansing blood sugar.

Add Garshana Gloves if you want a stronger lymphatic detox

Garshana massage is a traditional Ayurvedic technique that stimulates and detoxifies the lymph as you dry brush massage your skin with these raw silk gloves.

Add Gut Revival if you want to do Step 1 of the optional Follow-Up Probiotic Regimen

Gut Revival is a colonizing probiotic taken for 1 month after completing the cleanse to clear the way and propagate good lasting new microbiology in your gut.
(2 jars = 1 month supply)

Add Flora Restore if you want to do Step 2 of the optional Follow-Up Probiotic Regimen

Flora Restore is a colonizing probiotic to be taken for 2 months after completing the Gut Revival to support the growth and colonization of healthy new microbes.
(2 boxes = 2 month supply)


Used in all SHC composite products.