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A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back into Your Diet

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Are you gluten-free or dairy-free? If so, you might not have to be…

Eat Wheat is a scientific and clinically-proven approach to addressing food intolerances. After 3.4 million years of eating wheat and only 500,000 years of hunting meat, humans are actually genetically better equipped to eat wheat than meat. This book is your guide to safely bringing wheat and dairy back into your diet.

Dr. John Douillard, a former NBA nutrition expert, creator of, and author of 6 health books, addresses the underlying cause of the gluten-free explosion. Eat Wheat explains how a breakdown in digestion has damaged the intestinal wall and leaked undigested foods and environmental toxins into the body’s lymphatic system, causing “grain brain” symptoms and food allergies. Although eliminating wheat and dairy from your diet may help your symptoms, it is a temporary solution. Eat Wheat addresses the root cause: the inability to digest well and break down harmful pollutants and toxins that can lead to more serious health concerns.

Backed by more than 600 scientific studies, Eat Wheat is a revolutionary guidebook to regaining your digestive strength. This book:

  • Reveals hidden science on the benefits of wheat and dairy
  • Helps you navigate around food toxins in modern wheat and dairy
  • Retrains your body to digest wheat and dairy again
  • Flushes congested lymphatics linked to food intolerance symptoms
  • Teaches you to follow natural digestive circadian cycles
  • Helps bring your blood sugar back into balance
  • Teaches you proven exercise and detox techniques to re-boot strong digestion and achieve optimal health and vitality

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From the Introduction

Eating gluten- and dairy-free has taken the health food industry by storm. Food manufacturers are realizing that unless they offer a gluten-free version of their product, it is increasingly difficult to be competitive. Studies show that within a single year, as many as 100 million Americans consume gluten-free products. Non-dairy foods and milk substitutes have become more common: In 2015, the U.S. dairy alternatives market was worth 2.09 billion, and growing.

I invite you to join me in exploring the cause of food sensitivities and the trending gluten-free and dairy-free diets that often accompany such sensitivities. Are these types of elimination diets really necessary?

I wrote this book because, for 30 years, I have been clinically able to help my patients start eating wheat, dairy and other hard-to-digest foods again, simply by rebooting the strength of their digestive system and helping them navigate around the highly processed versions of these foods.

The “grain brain” phenomenon—namely, the notion that gluten negatively affects our brains and our health and should thus be avoided3—has now been challenged by a recent scientific discovery that explains the reaction many people have to wheat and dairy. Researchers have found lymphatic vessels in the brain and central nervous system (CNS) that drain directly into the body’s main lymphatic system. The discovery is groundbreaking; as previously, science did not know these lymphatic vessels even existed. The science shows that numerous toxins—including beta-amyloid plaques, which are linked to Alzheimer’s disease—are drained from the brain through the brain’s lymphatic channels while we sleep.

This research is so compelling because it suggests that commonly, in the case of “grain brain” and other food intolerance health issues, these brain and CNS lymphatics as well as other lymph channels may be congested, and thus cannot flow or drain toxins out of our systems properly. Let’s follow this to its logical conclusion: Lymphatic congestion can lead to a heightened immune response resulting in inflammation in the body. Inflammation is directly linked to a host of digestive issues, food sensitivities and other health concerns. Therefore, it’s not the “grain,” but the “drains” that may be the real culprit behind this food sensitivity epidemic.

A healthy lymphatic system starts with good upper digestion and a healthy intestinal tract. It is the primary circulatory system that processes both nutrients and toxins from the intestines. When the ability to digest certain proteins breaks down—which is all too common today in our stressful world laden with toxins—proteins like gluten and casein from dairy, ultimately clog the lymphatic system surrounding the intestinal tract. Over time, the lymphatic system, which drains waste from every cell in the body, can become congested, leading to food intolerances that we have blamed on foods like wheat, dairy, and others.

Our direct human ancestors have been eating wheat and other grains for 3.4 million years and early humans have been grinding wheat into flour for 30,000 years, making the path to continue eating wheat in our modern times very clear: Decongest the lymphatic system, reboot digestive strength and shift our food focus away from simple sugars to good, healthy fats, along with foods in their whole, natural state.

Your digestive system is responsible for delivering nutrients as well as escorting dangerous toxins out of your body. If your digestion is weak, simply eliminating wheat or dairy from the diet is an oversimplification of the real problem, and does not begin to address the root cause of the issue.

Many people spend years adjusting their diets to avoid food-related symptoms to protect themselves from further irritation and inflammation of the digestive tract, but this does not address the root cause. There are major health risks involved with simply treating the symptoms of poor digestion by removing foods from the diet. For example, if you take gluten out of the diet when the cause of the gluten intolerance is actually weak digestion or a congested lymphatic system then dangerous toxins can be allowed to accumulate and can be deposited in fat cells, including the brain, for years to come.

While you may receive symptomatic relief, simply eliminating wheat and dairy out of your diet may give you a false sense of health and well-being. Your inability to digest gluten or dairy—particularly if you were once able to—may mean that you are unnecessarily being exposed to dangerous disease-producing toxins that are not being fully digested or detoxified.

Your digestive strength is the key to a long, healthy and vital life. The choice as to whether or not you can eat gluten or dairy should not be decided for you because of weak digestion, it should be decided by you as a preference.

Let’s stop treating symptoms, which we do oh-so-well in the West, and finally address the urgent need to fix the root cause of our food sensitivities—the state of our digestion.

Editorial Reviews

“John Douillard has been on the leading edge of dynamic optimal health for decades. And I have personally benefited from it. Now ― he questions our obsession with gluten-free, dairy-free eating by asking the question, ‘Why, after centuries of eating these foods with no problems are so many people so adversely affected by them?’ His answer to that question is scientifically accurate and thought-provoking. It’s because our digestion is suboptimal to begin with. And our detoxification systems are overloaded for many other reasons. Dr. Douillard has helped thousands of people cure their food intolerances by treating the cause at its root ― not just the symptom. And whether or not you ever decide to consume gluten or dairy again, what you’ll learn in this book is crucial to your health.” –Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers: Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Wellbeing, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, and The Wisdom of Menopause

“Amidst America’s current gluten- and dairy-free craze, the title Eat Wheat may seem somewhat shocking. However, Dr. John Douillard has been a highly respected healthcare innovator for many years, and this new book may be his greatest contribution yet. His compelling evidence-based approach for safely eating wheat and dairy, will greatly ease the concerns of a rapidly growing segment of our population committed to eating healthy. For those of us who enjoy eating a well-rounded diet and believe in ‘everything in moderation,’ this book is a must-read.” –Dr. Rav Ivker, DO, ABIHM, Cofounder and Past-President, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, Past-President, American Holistic Medical Association, and best-selling author of Sinus Survival

Eat Wheat is clearly the most brilliant and groundbreaking dietary book in recent years that everyone should carefully read – both the lay person and the medical professional. Dr. John Douillard explodes the myths behind gluten intolerance and reveals the real culprit in our own weakened digestive systems. He exposes similar issues behind the wholesale rejection of dairy products, which like wheat, have enormous nutritional value and usage going back thousands of years. He reveals the faulty science and commercial propaganda that have turned millions of people against some of the most valuable foods in human history. Dr. Douillard highlights the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and its profound insight into the role of Agni or the digestive fire, which modern medicine has not yet properly understood. He carefully explains how, by improving our digestive fire, we can increase both our food choices and promote our own positive health and vitality.”-Dr. David Frawley, author Yoga and Ayurveda, and Ayurvedic Healing

“What?? Could it really be true that you can eat bread again? Dr. John Douillard―a leading expert in Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old system of holistic medicine, and one of the most brilliant physicians I’ve ever met―says ‘Yes!’ Just like the great cholesterol myth, Dr. Douillard says gluten has been wrongly targeted as the source of your digestive problems. Instead, he contends that weak digestion is the true issue. Eat Wheat lays out the compelling scientific evidence that supports this seemingly radical idea and shows you how the wisdom of Ayurveda can help you to not only feel better than you ever have, but also how to strengthen your digestion so much that you’ll be able to enjoy your forbidden favorite food again: a mouthwatering, fresh-out-of-the-oven, steaming hot slice of bread coated with melting butter.”-Christine Horner, M.D., board-certified surgeon, natural health expert and best-selling author of Waking the Warrior Goddess and Radiant Health, Ageless Beauty

“Combining insights from modern scientific research and the brilliant, ancient system of Ayurvedic medicine, Dr. John Douillard takes the analysis of food sensitivities deeper to get at the root causes. Ayurveda teaches that if you can’t digest a particular food ― even if it’s packed with nutrients, organically grown, and cooked with mother’s love ― it can cause symptoms, even disease. Eat Wheat explains not just which foods cause problems, but why, and what (beyond simply avoiding them) you can do about it.” –Timothy McCall, M.D., author of Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing, Founder/Director of Yoga As Medicine Seminars and Teacher Trainings, Co-Editor of The Principles and Practice of Yoga in Health Care, Medical Editor for Yoga Journal, and creator of

“The Sanskrit word for wheat is ‘godhuma.’ ‘Go’ means the organs of the senses and ‘dhuma’ means to remove the cloud of perception. Wheat actually improves sensory perception, and to remove it from our diet impairs our perceptions. When we strengthen our metabolic fire, we are able to digest gluten and dairy products.” –Vasant Lad, B.A.M.S., M.A.Sc., Ayurvedic Physician, author of Ayurveda: Science of Self-Healing, Textbook of Ayurveda series

“How is it possible that after all these years on this planet, we humans are still debating what foods are good for us and what foods are not? In this book, Dr. Douillard makes a compelling scientific argument to show that wheat and dairy are not problematic foods if consumed properly and in moderation.”-Joshua Rosenthal, CEO of Institute of Integrative Nutrition

“If you are one of the millions of people that have eliminated wheat and dairy from your diet, and yet you’re still suffering with digestive woes and questioning why you’re not feeling your best, the answers lie within the pages of this groundbreaking book. Using traditional wisdom combined with modern science, Dr. John Douillard, gets to the root cause of the wheat and dairy controversy and teaches you how to start eating delicious foods again without compromising your life or your health.” –Andrea Beaman, Chef/HHC/Educator

Success Stories

“Dr. John Douillard helped me discover I was, in fact, never allergic to wheat. My issue was what wheat I was eating – and what it was combined with. I learned to pay attention to all the processing in the wheat products I was eating. I don’t even think about wheat now, I just eat good, and real food.” ~Kobe

“I have had digestion issues from birth and also lots of anxiety. This is the first time in my life that I have felt true peace in my gut, heart and head, all at the same time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!” ~Felicity

“I feel like my body is digesting the food better. I have had two normal bowel movements a day, plus. I usually have one first [thing] in the morning, smaller one after breakfast, and a larger one after dinner. I use to have only one. So, my belly is flatter. I feel more sensitive to food, knowing better when to stop and desiring more vegetables and beans and rice vs meat.” ~Adam

“I do feel my digestive strength has improved and I have a greater understanding [of] how the body works and the effects of emotions on the digestive system.” ~Aldric

“My husband and I went out for the “test drive” meal where we ate rich, fried, delicious foods – but this time? No problems! I was happy and, I must admit, a little bit surprised. :)” ~Judith

“I lost 10 pounds, and 2 weeks later, I was still 7 or 8 lbs down – so it seems I have stabilized at 7 or 8 lbs lower.” ~Anton

“My digestion is so much better. Eliminating MUCH better, feeling much better overall. Morning stomach aches seemed to have dissipated for the most part.” ~Lina

“I have continued to apply what I have learned from that cleanse and still am conscious of my digestive strength. While it has taken longer than a few weeks, I am now able to digest what I was able to digest 7 years ago, or before I experienced a very stressful and emotionally abusive environment for over a year. To give you an example as to what I couldn’t eat, besides the wheat and dairy, even fruit would cause me problems because of the natural sugars. Alcohol and any junk food or sweet food also obviously caused problems. I was basically living on rice and veggies. The knowledge I gained helped me understand that I could restore my digestive strength and how I could do it, and I have. While I thought when I was sick I would keep a healthy diet when I got better, I am now eating chips and chocolate, drinking any alcohol and having takeaways whenever I like with no problems. I am once again enjoying food. I guess I am making up for the years I couldn’t. And just in case that sounds really bad, I am a healthy 80kgs, 6 feet tall and leading a very active lifestyle.” ~Edward

“I lost 6 lbs and the most notable result is vastly improved digestion – not a hint of heartburn, etc. I had really accepted digestion issues as a part of aging (I’m 56). Now, I really believe what Dr. John says: most of us can have the digestive strength of a teenager with a little attention.” ~Katerina

“I no longer suffer from seasonal allergies and I no longer have bloating and abdominal discomfort from eating garlic. Thank you! I am very slowly introducing gluten dairy sugar caffeine – I have been nicely attuned to seasonal eating for the last 3 years – Thank You again!” ~Elena

“My digestive fire was definitely improved and has remained strong. I would add that my immunity was noticeably stronger after the first Colorado Cleanse I did.” ~Bernard

“I am completely off of fiber supplements. I hadn’t been regular without them for more years than I care to count. Now my digestion is working perfectly, and I am thrilled.” ~Anastasia

“My digestion is the best it has been for years. Over time the changes in my health have been profound. Eventually, my craving for sugar fell away; not enjoyment of sugar, but I very seldom have any. For about a year, I stopped eating wheat and gluten to see how that felt. I didn’t miss it, and then concluded I could eat it without it being poison, like when my 95-year-old mother takes me for a slice of her favorite pizza. Without sugar, the aches and pains of decades have fallen away dramatically; it is night and day! I eat yoghurt and have been known in winter to consume local grass-fed cream as a major food group. Of course I follow Doctor John in many other ways and am sincerely grateful. Meanwhile, I have become used to good, regular, often perfect digestion, so know when things go off something new is at work: a sub-clinical virus, or stress, which I then adjust to fix. Thanks to you all at Lifespa. I need to become a poet to truly express my gratitude.” ~Sebastian

“I am now able to eat Greek yogurt and a little cheese without gastric distress (lactose intolerant).” ~Iva

“Lost 8 lbs. and feel so much cleaner, and I can trust my stomach and digestion now.” ~Emily

“My digestion was completely reset, too many small & welcome changes to mention.” ~Matilda

“We truly appreciate Dr. John for what I believe is his brilliant impartation of applying ancient Ayurveda to our food-sick culture. You have helped our whole family so much, especially with digestive issues and overcoming fatigue.” ~Rachel

“I was able to re-introduce dairy to my diet in small amounts.” ~Max

“The feeling of always carrying a cinder block in my lower abdomen has gone.” ~Antonio

“My belly is not bloated and swollen like I’m 6 months pregnant. I feel so much better!!” ~Paula

“I dabbled in small amounts of dairy the last few weeks to see if my gut healed well enough with no gas or bloating… a taste of my husband’s gelato, the home made grits at my fav restaurant… I’m digesting faster and am regular again.” ~Michael

“I am now able to digest small amounts of dairy, which I had lost the ability to do before.” ~Tristan

“It feels like my digestive system is reset, yeah!” ~Leo

“My digestion is much better, no bloating after meals!!” ~Eva

“I had pizza the other day and didn’t get bloated or gassy!” ~Darius

“I used to follow a vegetarian diet and then a vegan diet. After suffering lots of health issues from starches/grains I ended up going back to eating animal products and flesh which has been very difficult for me. Now I’ve been handling starches and grains better, still not completely without issue but much better.” ~Brendan

“I was mostly surprised that my belly-bloat (held since my last pregnancy 23 years ago) and puffiness around my eyes has really diminished.” ~Dana

“I was delighted to discover that I could finally eat beans and legumes without adverse effects (ie: terrible gas pains and bloating) and that my elimination issues (constipation or runs) are completely rectified.” ~Nadia

“I’m experiencing less acid indigestion and have not had to take any meds for it.” ~Carolina

“My digestion has improved exponentially, which I am so grateful for.” ~Jeanne

“I have maintained my healthy digestion and weight and feel great overall!” ~Cristina

Disclaimer: All names of patients have been changed to protect their privacy, and all patients have given permission to share the story of their health journey in this book. Testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are real patients, and may not reflect the typical user’s experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Every person has unique experiences, exercise habits, eating habits, and applies the information in a different way. Thus, the experiences that we share from other people may not reflect the typical users’ experience. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what some of Dr. John’s patients have achieved.

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