Dr. John’s Keynote Speech on the Future of Ayurveda


2015 National Ayurvedic Medical Association Conference Keynote Speech
Podcast | 1 hour 7 minutes

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This is keynote speech was delivered by Dr. John at the April 2015 National Ayurvedic Medical Association Conference in Newport Beach.

During this speech, Dr. John reveals how the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is now being used, perhaps unknowingly and/or non-admittedly, as a guide for modern scientists towards the future of medicine. Modern medicine is just now beginning to show what Ayurveda has humbly known all along! He covers some of his latest research linking ancient wisdom and modern science, confirming that awareness of the most subtle aspects of the body has the most powerful healing potential. He takes us on a journey, touching on the physical, emotional, conscious and subconscious layers of life, explaining the deep connection between the natural cycles of the day and healthy living.

This speech will instill in you the understanding that Ayurveda is not a dead, outdated science, it is ever-evolving and expanding to fit our modern world. Don’t miss this standing ovation presentation that promises to inspire, educate, and motivate you to become your most aware, conscious and vital self.

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Recording time: 1 hour, 7 minutes and 13 seconds

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