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Retail Price $375.25

This selection adds a bottle of Elim 1 and substitutes 3 bags of Organic Mung Dahl Beans for the default 10 Organic Kitchari packets, and adds 1 Gut Revival probiotic to your kit. Downloadable instructions will be provided upon check-out on all the applicable cleanses with Organic Kitchari packtets and Organic Mung Dahl Beans.

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Choose your Digestive Formula

  • Cool Digest for hot & uncomfortable digestion or occasional heartburn
  • Gentle Digest for gas & bloating, sensitive digestion, or food sensitivities
  • Warm Digest for slow, heavy & boggy digestion, or food intolerances


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Group Complete Can Con

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Choose your Digestive Formula

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Cool Digest, Gentle Digest, Warm Digest