Group Colorado Cleanse FAQs


Q: Can I customize my cleanse kit?

A: Yes! If you wish to customize your supply kit, please select the “Build Your Own Kit” button under Cleanse Kits.

Q: What are Common Cleanse Alterations?

A: After you choose your kit, you will have the option to alter your cleanse kit based on several common conditions that our cleansers have inquired about over the years. Simply check which options you feel might apply to you and we’ll handle the rest automatically. We highly recommend these alterations based on Dr. Douillard’s 30 years of clinical practice:

  • Constipation? Adds Elim 1 to your kit
  • Candida? Adds 3 Mung Dahl bags and Gut Revival to your kit (removes Kitchari, if applicable)

Q: How can I improve my cleanse?

A: After you choose your kit, you will have the option to add Whey Pure (for protein supplementation), or Garshana Gloves (for lymph dry massage), if you wish.

Q: I am buying a kit for someone else. How do I make sure they get the Support and Guidance – Daily Emails and Live Q&A Calls?

A: If you are purchasing a kit for a partner or friend, please type their full name and email address in the Comments section when you check out. This will ensure that they will receive access to the daily emails, online cleanser hub, video lectures and live Q&A calls.

Q: I live outside of the US. How long do international shipments take?

A: If you live internationally, please register as soon as possible because we cannot guarantee when your package will clear customs in your country. Our International Deadline for shipping kits is March 7th, otherwise, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your kit by the start of the cleanse.

Q: These dates don’t work for me. Do I have to wait until the next Colorado Cleanse?

A: No, you can do our self-guided Anytime Colorado Cleanse any day of the year.

Q: Can I register my students or clients as a group?

A: It sounds like you may be a great fit for our LifeSpa Affiliate program – check it out!

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