Register for the Spring 2024 Equinox Cleanse Live Q&A Webinar

Please limit your response to a MAX of 2 questions. We also ask that you keep your questions short and related to prepping, phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and post cleansing protocol. If you are seeking personal guidance please book a consult with Dr. John so we can better address those one on one.

For optimal results, Dr. John recommends cleansing during this Spring Equinox:
March 12-25, 2024.

Or, feel free to cleanse anytime that suits you!

Here at LifeSpa, we have a number of different options to suit your specific detoxification needs. These at-home cleanses range from 4-14 day programs that focus on attaining digestive self-sufficiency. The ultimate goal of a detox should be to restore your body’s functions rather than deplete them.

The Colorado Ayurvedic Cleanse NOW includes online guidance. This is a unique two-week at-home program designed to reset the body’s natural detox and digestive functions while supporting a gentle detoxification of fat cells.

With the online guidance included, you will be supported step-by-step through the cleanse with daily emails and videos from Dr. John – a comprehensive choice for new and repeat cleansers.