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Colorado Cleanse Book 4.0

Colorado Cleanse Book 4.0
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The restructured and expanded Colorado Cleanse + Seasonal Cookbook is now available! This new edition is designed to provide you with year-round seasonal eating guidance (including recipes) as well as an intuitive and streamlined daily guide to the Colorado Cleanse. Reorganized with information accessibility in mind, the fourth edition of this book is an indispensable and enduring resource for users of all backgrounds; from those who have just discovered the Ayurvedic philosophy to the most seasoned advocates of a Vedic lifestyle.

Here are a few highlights of what we’ve added:
  • 85+ pages of detailed cleanse recipes with simple modifications for year-round enjoyment
  • Expanded education on seasonal eating and cleanse modifications
  • Updated day-by-day guides with sample daily routines for each phase of the cleanse
  • Easy-to-follow tracking chart to record your daily progress
  • Clarified cleanse protocols and grocery lists
  • Revamped FAQs strategically located for each section
  • Color-coded chapters to navigate quickly through the book
  • General index to easily locate key concepts and information
  • Recipe index for quick reference and daily use
  • Peer-reviewed scientific research references throughout
If you have a previous edition of the book, you might wondering if you want to buy another book. We strongly suggest that you to try out the fourth edition because we know that you’ll absolutely love the new layout and seasonal cookbook. If you choose to follow a previous edition, no problem! Just be aware that information on this website will henceforth reference the page numbers for the new book.

About the Colorado Cleanse

The Colorado Cleanse is a 2 week at-home digestive detox and lymph cleanse program designed to support energy and mood, balance weight and cravings, release old habits emotions and behaviors, reduce stress and improve sleep, support mental clarity and focus, boost your immunity, and detoxify fat cells. The Colorado Cleanse is designed to be done while working and leading your regular lifestyle.

Now you can do the cleanse that everyone is talking about anytime! With this 220+ page book, you will have all the instructions you need to do the deepest, gentlest, and most effective detox possible at home on your own, whenever it works with your schedule. You are given a complete list of all the supplies you will need and options for where to buy them. Suggestions are also given for substitutions that can be made for locally accessible herbs and non-LifeSpa products.

This book is an insightful resource for information on why cleansing is so important and how to recognize and avoid cleanses that might do more harm than good. It also overviews all of the yoga and breathing exercises that are important for deepening the cleanse experience, as well as self-inquiry exercises for releasing old emotional patterns. In addition, it includes answers to many frequently asked questions, recipes for cleansing diets, and many other special tips.

This is an essential book for anyone planning to do a cleanse!

"As an editor for such publications as Yoga Journal and Natural Health, I see a lot of 'detox plans.' This is a cleanse based on a clear understanding of body dynamics. It's not about suffering - fasting, denial - but about working with your own body rhythms to create better health. My own results were undeniable. I lost 11 pounds. More important, my blood pressure dropped from 160/98 to 125/75. That is a HUGE gain in health." - Hillari Dowdle, Editor, Yoga Journal
ANYTIME Colorado Cleanse (Repeat)
ANYTIME Colorado Cleanse (Repeat)
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ANYTIME Colorado Cleanse (Simply Herbs)
ANYTIME Colorado Cleanse (Simply Herbs)
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